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Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok can be one of the interesting places in South-east Asia because it is the hub of Thailand. It gathers many wonderful and amazing places that can present you about its charm and historic and modern culture well. It means wherever you visit, you may feel as if you were there in the past. However, there are many countless places that you can enjoy and relax your nightlife after being tired all day. You will think a day in Bangkok is not enough.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has countless travel destinations which are worthy to visit. Travelers may start by visiting House of Museums to admire daily-life equipments since over 30 years ago. If you love old-aged architectures, travel to Wat Yannawa to explore unique boat-shaped temple since Rama III period. Do not forget to go to Nattayasala Hun Lakorn Lek (Joe Louis) to see wonderful Thai puppet shows. Do not miss to try Thai cuisine at any local restaurants which is so tasty like you never feel before. As for resting places, Bangkok has luxury hotels until cheap guesthouses every corner of the road. Visit Bangkok, you will love this city at first sight.


Bangkok, Thailand, Museum of Siam

Museum of Siam the museum is separated in various zone for presenting the story of Thailand with modern touch-screen multimedia. You may know about Thai culture, people, wisdom and history, and you can participate with each room since you can play with the media until you will forget your time. It opens on Tue-Sun from 10.00am to 6.00pm. Furthermore, on Friday evening, there is the special activity on the front yard that you shouldn't miss.


Bangkok, Thailand, Mataba

Mataba is Muslim food that is full of spice and vegetable such as curry, onion and spring onion. With its delicious taste until you can't easily put your spoon and fork down, and you will be impressed when you just taste it in the first time. If you want to enjoy with, Roti-Mataba restaurant at Thanon Phra Athit can bring you to fall in love with its taste.


Bangkok, Thailand, Thanon Phra Athit

If you like energetic atmostphere, Thanon Phra Athit can bring you to enjoy in the history and your nightlife. It gathers many restaurants that you can relax with delicious food together with soft music. Moreover, you will be fascinated in magnificent architectures in Rama I period on the road such as Ban Phra Athit and Ban Chaow Phraya, including with houses on this road that are conserved. You will be enjoyable if you visit here.

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